Winter is here: Potato and Savoy Cabbage Gratin

There is no time like a cold winter evening to enjoy this heart-warming, seasonal and (reasonably) healthy potato and savoy cabbage gratin! For me, gratins are comfortfood per excellance and – as I simply love savoy cabbage – this one in particular I could eat almost everyday!

This is a vegetarian version, but if you want to add a little something extra, you can always include diced bacon or ham.

Ingredients (for 4-6 people):
600g of potatoes (waxy)
700g savoy cabbage
1 tablespoon of butter
1 garlic clove
2 dl of vegetable stock
1 dl of white wine
250g of crème fraïche
1 teaspoon of salt
Pinch of paprik (mild)
Pepper to taste

Preparation (20 minutes with an additional hour in the oven):
Heat butter in a pot, add and sauté onion and garlic. Add the savoy cabbage and sauté. Deglaze with white wine, add stock and reduce heat. Cover the pot and simmer until the wirz has collapsed. In the meantime, wash the potatoes and cut them into wedges (you do not have to peel them).
Add the crème fraiche to the savoy cabbage, mix everything with the potatoes and season with paprika, salt and pepper. Put into an ovenproof dish (covered) and stew for 50-60 minutes at 180 degrees.

If you feel like it, you can top the gratin with chives for decoration – and enjoy!


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