Homemade Rafaelo Style Coconut White Chocolate Almond Balls

There’s no need for a long introduction for these – they are done in 15 minutes work time and a nice little treat to accompany your afternoon tea or any other occasion that calls for a sweet little something.

Ingredients (ca. 30-40 balls depending on size):

  • 300ml sweetened condensed milk
  • 100g white chocolate
  • 150g coconut flakes & 50g for rolling
  • 30g almonds


Finely chop white chocolate and melt in a water bath or in the microwave (20 seconds heat, stir, 20 seconds heat again, done). Mix with condensed milk. Add 150g of shredded coconut, mix everything, refrigerate the mixture for 30 minutes.

Portion off mixture with a spoon, press an almond into it and form balls. Roll the balls in coconut flakes. Refrigerate for 1-2 hours – and enjoy!

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