Naturally dyed Easter-Eggs in Blueberry Juice

It’s Eastertime! And even when I am really busy I have to take at least a bit of time to celebrate Easter, so I made these quick and easy purple dyed eggs with Blueberry Juice.

All you need is:
White eggs
Blueberry Juice – you can use storebought blueberry juice, the purer the juice, the darker the color –
and a bit of kitchen paper

Hard-boil your eggs (ca. 10 minutes), quench them in cold water and put them into a pot with the blueberry juice. Depending on the purity of the juice the eggs will get purple in about 30 minutes or you can also keep them in the juice over night, as I did this time. When they reached the color you wanted, take them out of the juice and, if you want to get the marbling pattern, pat them dry with kitchen paper – and enjoy your Easter Egg hunt!


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