Quick and Easy 5 Minute Appetizer: Whole-grain Bread with Salmon and Goat’s Cheese

You’re having friends over but no time to cook? Keep calm, it doesn’t always have to be an elaborate meal or a time-intensive recipe in order to impress. These slices of whole-grain bread are topped within 5 minutes and yet look gorgeous and are sure to spark joy when served to your guests as a welcome dish.

Whole-grain Baguette (or any bread you like, really)
100g or 1 packet of salmon (preferably organic and, if possible, with the MSC certificate)
1 scallion (if they are in season – otherwise I opt for an onion)
100g Goat’s cheese (firm)
Butter (or horseradish cream cheese for the salmon)
Paprika powder (sweet / mild)

Slice the bread, spread the butter on the slices.
Cut the scallions into rings and slice the goat’s cheese.
Top half the slices with salmon and scallions and the other half with goat’s cheese slices and paprika.
– And enjoy!

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