Say Quesadillas! Delightful Leftovers

Summer is coming – and with it the balcony season. And what is better than a late afternoon on the balcony with good company and a glas Rosé? Right, an afternoon on the balcony with good company, a glas Rosé and delicious, freshly made food. So that’s what we did yesterday.

Summerafternoon on the balcony with fresh vegetable quesadillas and fruity Rosé
Summerafternoon on the balcony with fresh vegetable quesadillas and fruity Rosé


I love Quesadillas, because they are easy and quick to make and so versatile! I’ve tried anything from vegetarian, light Quesadillas to hearty and meaty ones. My tip is to get your inspiration from your fridge, as they are perfectly suited to deliciously incorporate a myriad of things and maybe also help you with one or two left-over ingredients.

Today’s recipe is a vegetarian option in which I included left-over red beans and the remains of a tangy Swiss cheese, or rather of a wonderful Appenzeller half-hard cheese that we used in a traditional Swiss menu called Gschwellti (I will elaborate on that another time) the night before.

Sidenote: When it comes to cheese we’re peculiarly picky and quite ingenious in Switzerland, which means that what is called “Swiss cheese” in America has really nothing much in common with our cheese(s!) here. Thus, when it comes to cheesy dishes I love to improvise with different cheeses and I encourage you to spice it up a bit and maybe deviate from your regular cheddar cheese choice – it’s worth a try.


Ingredients (whatever is in your fridge, I used):
Spring onions
Kidney Beans
Shredded Cheese
Sour Cream
Wheat Tortillas

Preparation (ca. 15 minutes)

The first step, of course, is always mise en place. Therefore I first cut the mushrooms and green onions (also called Spring onions) and shredded the cheese. I then took out the Tortillas and topped them with Sour Creme and the cheese. The wheat tortillas used for this Quesadillas were supermarket bought and really soft and delicious, of course, if there is enough time it is always an option to prepare the Tortillas yourself.


Then the Tortillas have to be put into the oven for a couple of minutes or rather, until they are hot enough and the cheese has melted. While they are in the oven, I sautéed my vegetables and seasoned them with salt and peper. If you incorporate certain meat products, you might want to plan a little more time for heating your ingredients, e.g. start before putting the Tortillas into the oven. After the cheese has melted all you have to do is take the Tortillas out, add the sautéd vegetables…


..and enjoy!


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